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What SoftBank looks for when it makes real estate tech investments
SoftBank is doling out $100 billion from its Vision Fund, and some of that money is going to real estate tech. Here's what SoftBank is looking for.
7 ways to engage your sphere of influence for higher ROI
All real estate agents, no matter how fresh or seasoned, have a powerful resource that could win more business — and most agents aren’t taking full advantage of this resource.
Blocked, banned, fined: Avoid these 3 social media blunders
“Starter home for small family,” “DM me for details,” “Bachelor’s pad,” “Adult community” and “Your professional Realtor" — what do all of these social media captions have in common? They may make a big ol' mess of your business.
How to find the hidden potholes on the road to agent productivity
It’s easy to get caught up in the lead rat race. After all, more leads = more revenue. However, that equation only holds true if your operations and processes can scale to meet the demand.
5 to thrive: The daily disciplines of the ultra-successful
I get asked a lot of questions like…“What’s the one thing I should do to be successful?” “What’s the one lead gen strategy you’d recommend to generate business?” “What’s the one message that will get homeowners to choose me?”
What would a bot brokerage agent’s day look like?
The brokerage model is being disrupted by technology that makes it easier for real estate agents to run their own show more efficiently. But could bots — backed by AI, automation and big data — help the big property brands deliver new value to agents?
NAR seeks to reassure members that Upstream isn’t trying to replace MLSs
The trade group sent the email on Wednesday in response to purported concerns by NAR members over comments made during a panel the day prior at Inman Connect San Francisco...
Why lead conversion startups are attracting millions of dollars
What's in the future for leads, and why are lead conversion startups getting millions in funding? Panelists at Inman Connect San Francisco hashed that out Friday morning.
Kara Swisher: Facebook has ‘created a monster’ that it struggles to control
Tech platforms are largely unprepared for their enormous responsibility, which will affect every industry, including real estate, Kara Swisher said at ICSF.
Former KW agents answer Gary Keller’s profit sharing challenge
Following a challenge by Keller Williams founder Gary Keller to former agents to return profit sharing, two eXp Realty agents vow to donate future profits.
What’s trending in real estate?
A trio of industry leaders discussed the latest trends in the real estate industry on Thursday, on the main stage at Inman Connect in San Francisco.
What’s in a name? Probably ‘home’ if it’s a real estate software product
More than any other word, "home" is the most common real estate-related term used in naming software products for the industry.
Inman Connect San Francisco Live Coverage: Friday
Join us throughout the day as we share what's happening behind the scenes, on stage, and in the hallways at Inman Connect San Francisco.
What baby boomers, Gen X, millennials and Gen Z have in common
Baby boomers, Gen Xers, millennials and Gen Zers all have a lot to learn from each other, panelists from each generation agreed at Inman Connect San Francisco on Thursday.
Agents as wealth managers? How to step up your game
Panelists at Inman Connect San Francisco suggested agents become wealth managers at a session called "How To Become a Fiduciary for Your Clients."
All the news from Inman Connect San Francisco 2018
If you're not in attendance this year, follow along on our livestream, liveblog and by reading our articles here on Inman. 
Lead cultivation tool HelloAlex acquires Botplan for undisclosed sum
Automated lead qualification company HelloAlex announced this week the acquisition of Botplan, a chat tool for engaging online leads.
Updated app reads listing information as your car stops in front of a home
The Houston Association of Realtors has officially launched voice commands in its free mobile listing app. Dubbed "Car Mode," the new feature aims to allow agents and consumers to "instantly access property sale and rental listing information on their smartphone, safely and hands-free."
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